Mission, Values and Code of Ethics


The purpose of the Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM) is to support the continuing development of effective human resource professionals in healthcare, promote excellence in performance of all aspects of human resource administration and management, and promote sharing of expertise among members.


Enhancing the role, growth and effectiveness of human resources administration

  • Providing a forum for the open exchange of ideas and resources among members
  • Encouraging member participation and representation in the activities and direction of the Association
  • Educating members on legislative/regulatory issues
  • Recognizing individuals who make significant contributions to human resources administration in healthcare
  • Using Association resources responsibly
  • Collaborating with other professional organizations
  • Aligning the mission, goals and objectives of the Association with the professional needs of its members


The Colorado Healthcare Association for Human Resource Management (CHAHRM) has adopted this Code of Ethics policy to establish a culture of openness, trust and integrity in the business practices of our association and to serve as a guide for member behavior to ensure ethical conduct.

Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of every member, each of whom should familiarize themselves with the ethics guidelines that follow this introduction. In the event of a violation of the ethics policy, CHAHRM will take prompt and appropriate investigative and corrective action.

This policy applies to association members and those affiliated with the association.

 Policy Guidelines:

 Executive Commitment to Ethics
The CHAHRM Officers and Board members must set a prime example. In any business practice, honesty and integrity must be top priority for the Officers and Board members.

Member Commitment to Ethics
CHAHRM members will treat everyone fairly, demonstrate mutual respect and promote an association environment which avoids the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices.

CHAHRM will abide by the terms of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Association (ASHHRA) Affiliation Agreement

Maintaining Ethical Practices
CHAHRM will reinforce the importance of the integrity message and the tone starts with the Officers and Board Members, each of whom will consistently maintain an ethical stance and support ethical behavior.

Board members are expected to divulge any actual or potential conflicts of interest in the carrying out of their duties as Board members and Officers. In the event that such a conflict arises, the member will excuse themselves from voting or other activities related to the conflict of interest.

CHAHRM members will encourage open dialogue, get honest feedback and treat everyone fairly, with honesty and objectivity.

Unethical Behavior
CHAHRM officers and members will avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions and communications.

CHAHRM will not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Unauthorized use of CHAHRM / ASHHRA marketing, operational, membership, financial & technical information integral to the success of our association will not be tolerated.

CHAHRM will not permit impropriety at any time and we will act ethically and responsibly in accordance with laws.

CHAHRM Officers, Board members and general members will not use association assets or business relationships for personal use or gain.

Any infractions of this code of ethics will not be tolerated and CHAHRM will act quickly in investigating and correcting any violations of the policy.

Any CHAHRM member found to have violated this policy may be subject to action, up to and including revocation of membership.