2022 Fall Conference Review


Jeff Tieman, President and CEO of The Colorado Hospital Association opened the fall conference with an introduction of himself and spoke about the importance of Human Resources in Hospitals and the need for peer connection. Jeff encouraged HR conference to continue to help build networks to lean on. Jeff then introduced Josh Ewin, VP of Legislative Affairs to update us on the movement of policies through legislation. Some of the current key priorities are Reimbursement Policy, Workforce and worker safety, Behavioral Health, and Unwinding COVID PHE.

Beth Ann Lennon, Attorney with Sherman &Howard, closed out the first day of the conference. She provided a thorough update on the labor and employment climate in Colorado. In addition, Beth discussed details and compliance issues of new legislation and regulations impacting Human Resources professionals.

Richard DeLaCastro, Senior Consultant with Employers Council, discussed the changes in compensation strategies and stressed organizations must think “outside the box” to recruit and retain top talent. Key topics in his seminar included total compensation in healthcare, i.e., compensation is more than cash, additional rewards driving employee wealth that don’t increase fixed costs, market-based pay in a rapidly changing market, and community and communication drive the perceived value of compensation. Finally, Richard noted that compensation is an ongoing process which requires a flexible budget for recruitment and retention resulting in a reduction in turnover and travelers as well as an increase in employee satisfaction.

Tracy Graf, CEO of Fuse Igniting Communication, led an interactive discussion on three key stakeholder techniques – identification, prioritization and engagement – as well as tailoring the most appropriate communication for each stakeholder. Conference attendees were encouraged to consider and apply these approaches to their own projects. Tracy emphasized that stakeholder engagement cultivates support from key people at the right time, influences and builds alignment quickly, ensures effective collaboration and minimizes conflict.

Alyse Munoz of Stepstone Connect focused on resiliency and adapting in the face of adversity as the foundation her presentation on “Cultivating a Positive Workplace”. She explained leader actions toward resiliency include challenging your assumptions, increasing movement and physical activity, ensuring adequate sleep and rest, making time for mindfulness, savoring the sweet things, practicing gratitude, building social connections, and finding the positive in tough situations.

Sean Overby, Manager Talent Acquisition at UC Health, presented a comprehensive overview of changes in recruiting trends with specific recruiting initiative examples such as national branding campaigns, sourcing with call to action, re-engaging previous employees and applicants, employee referrals, Brazen meet and greet chat, DORA directory, travelers, and community and school outreach. He also emphasized the importance of focusing on characteristics not fit, differentiating through candidate experience and adapting to the market using training programs and standards for recruiter applicant response and interviews scheduled.

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Credits: This conference offered HRCI, SHRM, and CHHR credits

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